What We Buy

To give our customers a general idea of the types of things we buy and/or take as security on a pawn, Pawn Pros has put together this small list of goods with details specific to those types. We hope this helps with your experience in the future when conducting business with us.

Nintendo Games

Video game prices are offered based on condition, console, title & rarity.

Gold, Silver & Platinum

We will buy your gold, silver, and platinum in jewelry, scrap, and bullion (bars). Our prices are based on the spot price of gold on the market, as well as the purity (karat) of the gold. If a piece is not stamped, or is unclear, we can test the gold to find out it’s purity in-store in front of you so you can be certain of our offer.


The price offered on jewelry is based several factors. First, the weight of any gold or silver is taken into account and added to the overall offered price. Any gems are examined for type, quality, size, and cut before a decision is made.

Tools & Equipment

Pawn Pro’s deals in only the best quality of tools and equipment. Any tools or pieces of equipment brought in should be in working order, and not appear to have major wear. Brand name also matters, the higher end brand you bring in, the better chance you have of selling it. We may ask that you show that it works before we buy it.

Memorabilia & Collectibles

Due to the nature of collectibles and memorabilia, it’s suggested that you bring it in for proper examination. Providing a full list of items that are worth selling is next to impossible. Sports cards should be pre-1980 for any value to be attached to it, although there are a few exceptions to this rule. Autographed memorabilia depends heavily on the signature, the piece it’s on, and certificate of authenticity. Without a certificate, a signature can’t be verified as genuine, and drops the price.


Any electronics brought in for sale or pawn should work and be in good condition. When dealing with electronics, price is based on year, brand, model, and condition. Most electronics will be tested before being purchased or pawned.

Cell Phones & Tablets

Pawn Pros accepts cell phones and tablets in sale or pawn. Price offered is based on year, model, brand, condition, and operating system. The price of tablets is based on brand, model, screen size, condition, storage space, connection (3G or Wi-Fi), and processor. Most of this is identifiable through the model itself, but it’s always a good idea to know ahead of time.
NOTE: Cell phones must be owned without contract or with money owing on it. Phones that are blacklisted will not be accepted.

Fishing & Outdoors

We deal in fishing and outdoor gear. Rods and reels may be purchased if they are in good condition, new or like new. Camping gear other than utilities like camping stoves should be in good condition and working. Any personal gear that may be worn must be brand new.

Stereo & Audio

Pawn Pros buys receivers, speakers, pre-amps and amps. Only home audio equipment is taken, we don’t deal in car audio. Price is based on year, model, and brand. Any remote controls that originally came with receivers should also be included when selling or pawning. Audio equipment may be tested before we take it.

Please note, this is a very brief list of things we do buy. We don’t buy musical instruments or accessories, car audio, china, glasswear, commemorative plates, and several other items. It is always a good idea to call ahead of time if you are unsure you can sell an item, or if we take it as a pawn. We do not accept anything as a pawn that we wouldn’t buy outright. Feel free to contact us for more information.