How To Pawn

Pawn [pawn]
verb (used with object)
To deposit as security, as for money borrowed, especially with a pawnbroker:
He raised the money by pawning his watch.

When you bring in your quality goods, Pawn Pros gives you a short-term loan, and holds your item for security against the loan. You then have 31 days to pay back the loan with interest (30%) to reclaim your item. Upon the end of the 31st day, if the loan is not repaid, the item offered as security becomes property of Pawn Pros and may be sold. Pawns can be extended for an additional 31 days for only the cost of the interest.
Other pawn shops will nickle and dime you over additional fees or lost pawn slips. Not us, however, we tell you what you will pay with no hidden fees or expenses, not even for lost pawn slips.
If at any time you cannot repay your loan by the 31st day, call ahead and let the store know. Concessions may be made to help you from losing your item in some circumstances. The more you pawn with Pawn Pros and gain trust, the better chance you will have at getting leniency in such cases.